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is under severe thunderstorm warning. we'll zoom in a little bit. is this a monster storm. from hagerstown west of frederick, this will have heavy rain. rain fall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour. it's going to move toward frederick. so if someone is heading home and they are going past gaithersburg into frederick. better get there soon or tough visibility with this rain fall. we'll zoom in a little bit. heavy rain. myersville down to middletown. this is hail to the west of 17. everything is pushing off to the north and to the east at about 20 miles an hour. this is going to move across the entire county of frederick in the next hour. we'll put this into motion. this goes across frederick county and 270. and then these storms down to the south, we'll come back and talk about what those storms mean to the metro area later on tonight. >> this is a concert now. the fans perform for him. >> i'm going to miss him. it's never going to be the same again. >> that will be enough. >> hundreds of people
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gathering to remember washington's legendary godfather of go-go music. chuck brown. this is the beginning of a long good-bye for chuck. fans are snaking their way past his open casket down at the howard theater. for many, this is not a sad occasion. this is rather a time to celebrate the legacy of an artist who brought the city together for a long time. bruce johnson is live at the howard theater with more on the event still going on tonight. bruce. >> hey derek. we are outside the howard theater. a thinner crowd than we've seen for much of the day. these are people getting off work, dropping by. people were able to find parking places. they are at a premium. in the mid afternoon, most part it has been a festive-like atmosphere out here. this view is supposed to go on until 10:00 tonight. it will go on longer. it is public. it is open to everybody. no cameras inside. i'll give you a glimpse of what it's been like around here. is this a viewing unlike
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anything you've ever seen in this town. >> within the hour, the street in front of the howard theater has become a carnival and chuck brown, father of go-go, would have wanted his viewing to go something like this. >> a great man that brought the city together through music. >> we love you. it will never be the same without you. >> beginning this morning before the doors of the howard theater open. the crowds already begun to form. down t. street. down 7th street. they wanted to be among the first to review the remains of the grand-father of go-go. he was the city's most popular entertainment figure. >> chuck brown was a healer. he knew how to bring the people together just like he brought rhymes and rhythm together. >> everybody loved chuck brown. no bad words. everything was good. if there were any problems, he would stop the show.
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kept the party going. >> the viewing itself while open to the public was off limits to cameras, except for the family released photo. family members did make themselves available to the public, though. >> what would your day say about this turnout? >> he would be like, oh man, i'm so overwelmed with everything. he wouldn't be able to believe it. over joyed is what he would be. >> we should point out that chuck brown is so popular, not just because he was a gifted musician. if you don't have the cd, you need to go find it. she had an incredible voice. people grew to love chuck brown. barely made it out of high school. he went to lorton. that's where he got his degree. where he learned to play guitar and chuck told me not that long ago, brown wasn't his name. his last name was moody. he went with the name brown because he got locked up a lot
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and cops would show up in the neighborhood. there is moody, lock him up. he would never get locked up. we love chuck brown, rest in peace. >> i think that says it all. we love chuck brown. thank you. >> now to an update on the midair collision between two planes over fauquier county, virginia. two people were killed in the memorial day accident. and now the national transportation safety board is asking its canadian counterparts to assist because one pilot worked for the ntsb and the other worked for the faa. bruce leshan has more. >> the pilot of this beach craft is thomas provin. an faa employee from broad run, virginia, near manassas. you can see that there's very, very little damage here to the propeller. it may have been stalled. he may have been gliding in and he was both lucky and skilled because he threaded the needle
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between those trees. one of the trees sheered off his right wing, but he still survived. i talked to his wife in their hospital room. she said he was okay, but not yet ready to talk to us. investigators not talking at this point, but look at this very interesting damage. this hole right here with red paint around it. and then the damage down here to this wing. the back of the wing and the tearing of the metal like that. those are st kinds of things that investigators are going to be looking at to see if they can pinpoint this midair collision. investigators head deep into the woods to examine the remains where two died. the pilot, an ntsb flight. the passenger, a flight instructor at a nearby flight school. we talked on the phone to dave fields who learned to fly from him. >> always a great pilot. he loved to fly.
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his love of flying and enthusiasm for flying passed down to me and inspired me to become a flight instructor. >> the impact and the fire so intense that it is hard to even recognize much of this aircraft. you can see one wing, a propeller. the engine. but much of the rest of the aircraft is either missing or melted away by the fire. in fauquier county, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> the ntsb planned a preliminary report, but just no telling how long it will take. >> the stage is nearly set for the 2012 presidential election. with today's primary in texas, mitt romney is expect toad get the required number of delegates to officially secure the republican presidential nomination. romney is scheduled to make an appearance with donald trump who is raising his own doubts about president obama's u.s.
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citizenship. more on today's developments from the campaign trail. >> reporter: campaigning in colorado, mitt romney went after president obama for his handling of the economy. >> the president, when he got elected, look, i have to go out and borrow $787 billion and i'll keep unemployment below 8%. it has not been below 8% since. >> it's a message that helped romney outlast his republican competition. tuesday, primary voters in texas are expected to give the front runner the delegates he needs to become the gop's nominee. but romney won't be celebrating there. he is campaigning in the swing state of nevada and raising money in las vegas with donald trump. the real estate mogul continues to question president obama's citizenship. stirring controversy for romney. >> i don't agree with all the people who support me. >> the obama campaign put out an internet video criticizing romney for not distancing himself from trump's
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accusations. the ad includes the president's 2008 opponent, john mccain, defending the president's citizenship. >> i have read about him. >> no , ma'am. >> donald trump upped the antion twitter tuesday, saying the president is using john mccain in the ad because mccain lost his bid for the white house. >> you know, we can revisit that. the american people are pretty fed up with this nonsense. >> president obama was born in hawaii and last year, the state released his long form birth certificate. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> four years ago, president obama didn't show up the democratic nomination until june 3. mitt romney beat that by a few days, but it took him longer than any recent republican candidate to reach the number of delegates needed to secure the presidential nomination. coming up tonight at 7:00, marriage fight. opponents to maryland's same- sex marriage law make a major announcement in their fight to
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put that law to the public vote. still ahead, place your bets. >> plus, northern italy rocked by another deadly earthquake. we'll survey the damage left behind.
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a search and rescue effort is underway after the second earthquake to rock northern italy in a little more than a week's time. the quake took down a church and several other buildings. italian police say a dozen people are dead and more are missing. the historic center of the town has been evacuated. it is to dangerous to be there. officials estimate the earthquakes have left more than 14,000 people homeless. graduation day today at the naval academy. secretary of defense, leon
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panetta delivered the address. panetta said the navy and marine corps must lead a resurgence of u.s. maritime presence and power. >> coming up on 9news, virginia governor talked one on one with peggy fox.
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virginia governor tells 9news he is not being interviewed to the mitt romney's running mate. in a one-on-one interview, he supports getting rail out to dulles complete, but no specific way to do it. >> the governor congratulated mary mount university's newly named school of health profeelingses for creating more educational opportunities in health fields. >> let's shock him.
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>> as students practice their life support techniques, the largest project underway in northern virginia is on life support itself. the $2.6 billion phase 2 of the silver line from reston to dulles and two stops in loudoun is in limbo. the governor has no specific plan to get it on track. other than to pressure the air force board. >> finally, we have to have more transparency and more accountability in the way the board acts so the virginia taxpayers are protected. most of the money is coming from those toll payers. >> project labor preference gives a bonus to contractors. >> putting a preference on union labor that is going to be more expensive to the contracting process. it is going to exacerbate the problem. i don't have any firm estimate. what i do know is we can't have policies in place that violate virginia's right for work law. >> even though virginia has
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committed that $150 millions towards phase two. that money can't go anywhere thanks to a new law that passed in the legislative session. no virginia money can go to projects with project labor agreements. loudoun county is also threatening to opt out of the project. >> we have a delay and won't the delay cost more than a pla would cost? >> preference? >> may or may not. i'm encouraging, i think loudoun, fairfax. i'm encouraging all of them to stick with this. let's get this done. >> peggy fox, 9news now. >> loudoun board must make its decision on whether to opt out or in. virginia has more time to put up its share. >> the date is now set for the opening of the largest maryland casino yet. in fact, maryland live at arundel mills will be the third largest casino. developers gave a preview tour today of the gambling floor which is the size of three
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football fields. the megacasino will also be a megataxpayer. >> we will be the largest taxpayer in the state of maryland. we'll send over $400 million a year to the education trust fund. we'll make over $30 million in local impact grants to anne arundel county. >> warn their entire half billion dollar investment is now at risk if the maryland legislature allows a sixth casino to be built at the national harbor. three football fields. i could get lost. >> easy. >> the number of steps you could get on your bedometer. >> not gambling. >> the good news, we have fewer warnings now. we still have a severe thunderstorm watch. it's going to drop temperatures big time. we hit 91 today. we'll start with our warnings
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and watches. now we have extended the watch. now the watch covers the entire metro area until 10:00. so now it includes the district, includes fairfax, montgomery, which makes sense. and also prince georges county and now also charles county. extended it west across i-95 until 10:00. all right. let's talk about doppler. live doppler 9,000. massive storm here. we have been watching this the last hour, hour and a half. it is held together very, very well. we'll zoom in. we are looking at a severe thunderstorm warning for frederick county and washington county and maryland. that's been extended until 7:00. this is very heavy storm through frederick. right across into leesburg. it is all moving to the north and to the east. we talked about this crossing 270 and it will with rain fall rates 1, 1 1/2 inches per rain shower. and some gusty winds. i'm going to zoom back to the south and west because these storms are on the east side of
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i-81. approaching warrenton. these are the storms that could get into the immediate metro area. while we were okay around the beltway getting home. i think 8:00, 9:00, these storms are going to become important storms for us. toward manassas, warrenton, andin' chewly in toward fairfax county as well as the district. we'll zoom back out and put this into motion. see where these go in the next hour. this is the next hour now and these storms will move northeastward. these storms will cross 270 and across 70. frederick, you'll be in good shape in an hour, but our friends todd west, prince william county and fauquier county, back into warrenton, you may see some big storms around the 7:00, 7:30 hour. here's a live look outside. it is still very nice downtown. this is brought to you by michael and son. it's still 88. pressure steady, 29.76 inches of mercury. south, southwest at 21.
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gusty, too. around town, it's been warm. we haven't had any clouds, so we are 88 downtown and 88 in college park and 86 up in rockville. we are on storm alert. heavy or severe thunderstorms possible. storms are possible on wednesday. remember the front does not go through until wednesday night and cooler on thursday and friday. pretty good deal on thursday and friday. next seven days. in fact, thursday we're looking at sunshine. friday okay as well. a couple storms are possible. saturday, maybe an early shower. look what happens. temperatures fall into the 70s. 70s on saturday. heating up next monday and tuesday. >> certainly not as hot as this last weekend. >> a nice holiday weekend. >> yes, it was. >> we're still having such a great time looking at the thing with the nationals. if you missed it, kristen has a link to it. >> it should be up on our website. you will be able to see the whole thing. it's us, take us out to the ball game. it was a good laugh. but the nats, we'll talk about
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them tonight. they have 12 guys on the disabled list, including big names. they continue to find ways to win. but is the injury bug going to die any time soon? we have news regarding a couple players. plus, a crushing first for serena williams in paris today. find out what happened, next.
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now, 9sports with kristen berset. the best sports in town. >> the nationals continue to
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prove they are just as good on the road as they are at home. they have won five of their last seven against their three main national league east rivals and still sit 2 1/2 games ahead of miami. all while having 12 players out with injuries. the good news, though, the nats will be getting some added help. mike morris is close to returning from straining that muscle. the teem hopes to have him back against atlanta and at the very latest, he'll be back by june 8. now the bad news, infielder, chad tracy, has been placed on the disabled list after tearing a groin muscle. davey johnson saying tracy will have surgery and miss two months. >> so the nats tonight, here's the matchup looking to extend their lead over miami. edwin jackson on the mound. the marlins on track for their winningest may in franchise history. anna bell sanchez gets to
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start. all right, when it comes to college lacrosse, local schools like johns hopkins near the to. top. this year, a small school is on top of all of them. to pick up their first national title in school history. quite a feet considering they started the season ranked 21st and are the smallest school to ever win the title. it is something that may take a little while to sink in. >> kind of a sur veal winning. if you are going home, our picture up there at 2012 national champions on the jumbotron. >> there's some football going on at fedex field. not the redskins, but a friendly between the two soccer teams. the u.s. national team who won four in a row face off against the brazil squad squad.
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>> always wanted to play against a star team. you know, it's always exciting. but at the same time, you don't want to go back unless you can make an impact. >> going to be a fun game tomorrow. and upset alert in france. an emotional day for serena williams. serena won the first set, lost the next two, falling out in the first round of the french open. the first time ever serena williams lost a first-round match in a grand slam tournament. big upset. and a big announcement coming for d.c. high school athletes. mayor vincent gray will announce the state athletic association. beginning in the fall, athletes in cross country, soccer, and football will have a chance to complete in the d.c. state championship game. it's about time. >> it's about time. all right, that's it for us.
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the cbs evening news is next. >> good night.

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